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I spent a few years at sea, and I never came back from a cruise without having learned something new about the ocean or what lived in it. After retiring to Panama, I began to learn something new about the tropical savanna ecosystem nearly every day I stepped outside. I focused on plants, those marvelous signs of life. Now I'm in my second retirement, living in Sicily. I'm leaving my plant studies online for those who have found them useful.

Good-bye “Learn Plants”

I am sorry to say that my former sites, Learn Plants Now and A Neotropical Savannah, have been dropped. The internet is full of useful botanical sites now. Enjoy searching and learning!

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The Breadfruit (or is it Breadnut?) Tree Produces Flowers

Update, 18 Aug. 2011: Someone from the Breadfruit Institute kindly left a comment below, suggesting that this tree might possibly be a breadnut rather than a breadfruit tree. I’ll update this post further as the fruit matures, but for now … Continue reading

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Blue Berries, Not

Our once-a-week, high-school aged gardener took the weedeater to a grove of Miconia rubiginosa for the first time this past weekend and uncovered this. I thought they were a particularly bright blue berry of some kind. Took a few back … Continue reading

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Macro, Lovely Macro

Here’s a camera that went to Africa and recorded fine details in the environment that the retinas of early humans had to distinguish. A friend and retina expert most generously lent it to me while he and his wife are in … Continue reading

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