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Bach and Coffea arabica

Today’s the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach and I almost let it get away without a mention of his Coffee Cantata. Good Music Guide has the story but I’m relating to the music not only because I’m a coffee drinker … Continue reading

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Eleven Great Posts on Plants

There’s a new edition (#38) of Berry Go Round up at Anybody Seen My Focus? (Don’t you love the name of that blog?) It’s an excellent survey of eleven (if I counted correctly) posts about plants put together with a … Continue reading

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A Chance to Contribute

The internet is my library. Without it, my learning about the plants here in Panama would be unbearably slow. I often think of Jean Henri Fabre who had to mail out plant specimens and wait for a botanist to reply … Continue reading

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Earthquake, One Week Later

Of all the technological sites I have seen during the past week, the Japan Quake Map gave me the greatest sense of the disaster. It’s a mashup of a Google Earth map and earthquake epicenter, date & time, and magnitude … Continue reading

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