January’s Fine Plant Posts

One nice advantage of browsing through a new edition of Berry Go Round (now #36 up at Seeds Aside) is discovering excellent blogs devoted to plants, blogs I haven’t seen before even though they might have been around for quite a while. This time I met a blog called How Plants Work, currently running a series on Do-It-Yourself GMOs. After learning how the techniques for genetically modifying organisms were developed, and that you can do biotech in your garage if you like, I felt I had a sound and sobering grasp on where GMOs came from and where they may go.

Another advantage of BGR, as we affectionately call it, is catching up with favorite bloggers who have dropped out of my sight (through my own lack of doing). I thoroughly enjoy the blog Catalog of Organisms, which as you might guess is not solely devoted to plants. This month, though, the Catalog’s post on lilies was featured and that link drew me back to browsing through this most enjoyable blog.

This BGR edition had many more treasures, book reviews, a short biography of George Ledyard Stebbins (who? – find out why this important scientist has been ignored) and much more.

So, head on over to Berry Go Round #36 and find some treasures for yourself.

About Mary

I spent a few years at sea, and I never came back from a cruise without having learned something new about the ocean or what lived in it. After retiring to Panama, I began to learn something new about the tropical savanna ecosystem nearly every day I stepped outside. I focused on plants, those marvelous signs of life. Now I'm in my second retirement, living in Sicily. I'm leaving my plant studies online for those who have found them useful.
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2 Responses to January’s Fine Plant Posts

  1. Francis says:

    Learning is a life long experience and blogs like yours sure help one to keep at it.
    Beautiful site and interesting.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you, Francis. You’re so right about learning – it does just go on and on. I can’t imagine what life would be like if it didn’t. I love the photography on your own blog and your reflections resonate with me. Nice job.

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