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Berry Go Round #35, Christmas Plant Edition

Welcome to Berry Go Round #35, a blog carnival devoted to outstanding posts about plants. If you missed the last edition at Watching the World Wake Up, you can find it here, and I promise you it’s worth the trip. … Continue reading

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Panamanian Tamales

Yesterday we learned how to make real Panamanian tamales. We were making a small batch, so we started with only 50 cobs of fresh corn (mazorcas). The procedure for slicing the kernels off the cob is meticulous and efficient. Ricardo … Continue reading

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November’s Excellent Collection of Posts about Plants

I always look forward to the round-up of blog posts about plants in Berry Go Round. This month’s edition, the 34th in the series, at Watching the World Wake Up, is especially enjoyable, filled with Alex’s energy and intelligence and … Continue reading

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